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Pulsar Observatories have been producing high quality observatory domes for nearly 25 years. With a combined total of over 40 years in the business, Gary and Steve bring together a wealth of engineering talent, electronic and building skills and experience. Pulsar have supplied observatories to amateur astronomers, schools, colleges and societies in over 32 countries in Europe and around the world, as far a field as Chile, Singapore and the USA.

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  • Really big smile on my face this evening

    The new PULSAR 2.2 fully automated observatory was installed this morning by Dave and Steve, it is always a pleasure to meet people so professional in approach and happy in what they are doing. The build quality and finish of the new observatory looks superb and the new rotation and shutter drive controller a big step up from competing systems. It was worth the wait for this observatory and I am looking forward to making full use of it in the coming years.

    William Bristow / Dorset

  • One of the best decisions I have made

    I have had my 2.2m observatory for over 15 months now 
    and I have to say it is one of the best decisions I have made. It has enhanced my enjoyment of astronomy no end. Being able to go out and be fully set up for imaging within 10 minutes is fantastic! Even better is the fact that my gear is kept perfectly dry and ready to go despite the atrocious weather we sometimes get here, and I can close down within a minute if the clouds roll in. The dome itself is all still in as-new condition, which is testament to the build quality and installation. I have successfully imaged on at least 100 occasions since installation. 
    Without the dome this would not have been possible. All best wishes for the future and thanks again. 

    Steve / Wiltshire

  • Great purchase

    The observatory has now gone through a full cycle of the seasons and I am pleased to report that it has stood up to everything that the harsh Sheffield weather has thrown at it. The last few weeks here have seen several significant snowfalls, along with high winds, but nothing has penetrated the interior and my equipment remains bone dry and ready for action whenever the weather abates.

    This has been a great purchase that has transformed my astronomical activities and significantly increased the number of observational opportunities. It has also made life much more comfortable for my aching bones! Well done on a great product!

    Bill Leatherbarrow / Sheffield

  • What a beautiful observatory

    What a beautiful observatory..... Much more than I expected. Gary, you have a great product with the observatory. I am very pleased I got you to assemble the observatory as the dome rotates with the push of a couple of fingers. It is smooth and quiet. And the motorised dome rotation is so easy to use. The shutter is an easy flip of two latches and pull of a cord to slide open. Now, not only am I out of the weather and dew, but I have room to spare for friends and visitors. Great Job Guys. Keep up the good work. I'm glad I found yours. Thanks to you and your team, I'm a very happy and warm Astronomer...

    Steve Cruttenden / Berkshire

  • Thanks for supplying a great product

    It seems common for people to moan these days, but I thought I would buck the trend by letting you know how delighted I am with the 2.2m Observatory which was delivered last month! It is now installed and my LX200 saw the stars once again last night for the first time in months from within the observatory. The dome is absolutely excellent, the assembly instructions were great and initial concerns about cost were ungrounded now I can see the quality of construction.

    We are blessed with dark skies where I live but even so, the dome really helped to dark adapt and block off stray lighting from surrounding areas. I believe this dome will serve me for many years and I just wanted to say many thanks for supplying a great product.

    Adam Rawlinson / Kent