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Automated shutters avoid manual operation in the dark, and is a vital step towards complete full remote operation of your observatory.

Designed for use with the Pulsar 2.7 metre dome or 2.2 metre dome.

The Pulsar shutter drive unit is powered by a pre-installed lithium battery. The battery can be recharged by either a solar panel, our own induction charger system or by using a power tank battery charger. The shutter drive is permanently powered on and the shutter can be opened or closed using the single button on the drive casing. Alternatively, the shutter can be opened or closed via Bluetooth connection with the Pulsar rotation drive.

The Pulsar shutter drive uses a nylon and stainless steel drive chain with a master link. The chain length is pre-set with a master link.

The Pulsar shutter drive system is supplied with:

  • Shutter controller
  • Motor
  • drive chain
  • Cables and limit switches
  • Internal 12V  battery
  • Hardware (fixing kit, etc)
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