Choosing an Observatory

Choosing a suitable observatory for your needs requires careful thought and planning. There are many weird and wonderful observatory designs, with the most popular listed below:

Although any observatory design will offer some level of comfort and protection for the observer and equipment, the first three designs listed above can only really be classed as storage and housing for your equipment, offering little or no protection from cold winds and stray light.
Pulsar Observatories have adopted the traditional rotating aperture slit design, as used by most professional observatories, and here are some of the reasons why:

  You and your telescope deserve to be in a clean, secure working environment, making your observing and imaging much more pleasurable.
The low-mass design and air-flow characteristics provide thermal equilibrium for the telescope and optics, as well as vital protection from gusting wind, dew and frost. The human advantages are equally overwhelming: protection from wind chill and damp, as well as the sheer convenience of having your equipment ready to observe or image in just a couple of minutes and safely protected again after the session just as quickly.
Security: all Pulsar full-height observatories lock securely from the outside with a key; in the case of the 2.2 and 2.7m model the lock is built into the door with internal handle. The dome shutter on all models lock securely from the inside.

The high standards set by Pulsar observatory domes are increasingly recognised throughout Europe by a broad base of demanding institutional and amateur users. The convenience and comfort of our domes will take your astronomy to new heights of achievement and enjoyment - and with prices starting from just £2995.00 there is no need to compromise.

 No other observatory design offers the telescope a higher standard of environmental protection, both during the observing sessions and after, for long-term storage and protection from the elements. And importantly, no other design offers a higher standard of comfort and convenience for you, the observer!